My Lips "Parting"

I love this. It’s like from the moment we see each other, there is constant laughter and sarcasm and commentary. We never run out of things to talk about, yet sitting in silence is just as good. I’m completely comfortable with you. You’re different. With you it’s like an automatic haven. I feel fully and completely safe with you. Oh, and this stupid smile that’s always across my face, that’s a plus too.

I can still feel you everywhere, in my bones, throughout my veins, under my skin, everywhere- except next to me where I need to feel you the most.

god i thought i’d be over you by now (via the-psycho-cutie)

(via mylifeasjoekim)

  • Women: I'm pregnant what should I do?
  • Pro life: keep the baby!
  • Women: okay! Can I have prenatal vitamins?
  • Pro life: what?
  • Women: can I have financial help for doctor appointments?
  • Pro life: ummm.....
  • Women: can I at least get paid maternity leave?
  • Pro life: ummm... Excuse me?
  • Women: the baby is here can I get financial help?
  • Pro life: I'm sorry do we know you?